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I Am The Lord’s by Charles Naylor

  1. Whether I live or die,
    Whether I wake or sleep,
    Whether upon the land,
    Or on the stormy deep;
    When ’tis serene and calm,
    Or when the wild winds blow,
    I shall not be afraid—
    I am the Lord’s, I know.
  2. When with abundant store,
    Or in deep poverty,
    When all the world may smile,
    Or it may frown on me;
    When it shall help me on,
    Or shall obstruct my way,
    Still shall my heart rejoice—
    I am the Lord’s today.
  3. When I am safe at home,
    Or in a foreign land,
    When on an icebound shore,
    Or on a sunlit strand;
    When on the mountain height,
    Or in the valley low,
    Still doth He care for me—
    I am the Lord’s, I know.
  4. Nothing shall separate
    From His unbounded love,
    Neither in depths below,
    Nor in the heights above;
    And in the years to come,
    He will abide with me;
    I am the Lord’s indeed,
    For all eternity.