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Pray For Tracy Stuffle

Libby & Tracy StuffI received a call last night from a friend who told me that Tracy Stuffle had had a stroke. The picture to the left is Libby on the left and Tracy on the right. 

Tracy had just dropped Libby off at Baptist Hospital in Nashville to spend the night with a friend who was going through cancer surgery. Tracy had driven about a mile from the hospital when he had the stroke and a wreck. He is paralyzed on the right side and cannot speak.

As of this writing, his brain is swelling and they’re trying to get that under control.  Please agree with me in prayer that God will touch Tracy. He’s such a wonderful man. And The Perry’s are the real deal. They love people and they love God. They have given their lives to the spreading of the gospel through Southern Gospel Music. 

To receive the latest updates on Tracy’s progress please visit their FaceBook page.